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The idea to built an Industrial park in the town Novaky was realized by the company Vasa ltd. Vasa ltd was the first company in this area building up facilities for production,warehousing and light engineering industry. The main purpose of the industrial park is to be an energy-independent unit. Because of useing solar energy on the roofs of buildings we produce over 300 kW of electricity. Solar energy is mainly used to heating process water.

Available for rent are buildings A, A1, B, B1, (E, E1 - under construction, accepts an offer for the next contract)

The aim of company VAŠA, one of the biggest suppliers of window accessories and assembly materials, is to be a strong, reliable and fair partner of window producers and sellers throughout Slovakia. For Gombarčík family, town Nováky is more than a home. They belong to important employers of Upper Nitra region. Company VAŠA has been operating in Slovakia since 2002 and in a relatively short period it managed to become a strong and reliable partner of many window and window accessories producers and sellers, building companies, as well as kitchen and interior studios. Today the company VAŠA is one of the most complex suppliers of window accessories, assembly materials and building chemistry preparations. And there’s no wonder. After all, VAŠA offers the widest product range of exterior and interior window sills, interior jalousies, insect stop networks, as well as a complete assortment of building chemistry preparations and assembly materials, while everything is processed by the most advanced technologies. They are the only ones to roll exterior aluminium window sills. They also offer steel reinforcement in majority of plastic profiles and sandwich filling in a wide number of colours. Customers are supplied from two company branches in Nováky and in Prešov. Besides its activities in the field of windows the company keeps improving its own industrial park. Today (in 2016) it is the only firm that developed the idea of Industrial Park Nováky; today it is renting over 10,000 m², while focusing on ecology and high standards. The company plans include building a new object – a production hall with area of 10,000 m² for a customer from the field of automobile industry in 2017. The success and results of the company VAŠA is based on investments in the state-of-the-arts technologies and on loyal and competent personnel. Thanks to all of this, the company VAŠA belongs to absolute market leaders in terms of accuracy, reliability and high quality of supplies.

VASA ltd, Street: Andreja Hlinku 86, Postal code: 972 71, Town: Novaky, State: Slovak republic
contact: Jozef Gombarcik +421 902 992 111, Eduard Gombarcik +421 903 555 595

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